US-REGEN Model Documentation

Version 2021A LCRI Change version

Major enhancements to support the Low-Carbon Resources Initiative in 2021, including the creation of a fuels model within US-REGEN.


  • Fuels model was added that describes the supply and conversion of primary energy into delivered fuels supplied to the electric and end-use models. It includes several technologies for conversion, blending, and synthesis of fuels, including petroleum refining, biomass to liquids or gas, blending of renewable natural gas and hydrogen into existing pipeline infrastructure, ammonia production, and fuel synthesis.
  • Carbon management enhancements include updates to the transport and storage of captured carbon dioxide, and the addition of direct air capture technologies and natural climate solutions as potential carbon sinks.
  • Updated and expanded hydrogen production technologies include 4 types of electrolysis in addition to steam-methane reforming, and coal/biomass gasification.
  • Updated biomass supply assumptions.
  • Expanded transportation technologies (vehicle classes and types) and their associated cost/performance assumptions, including the addition of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Initial Release

Documentation for the LCRI-enhanced US-REGEN model was last updated on August 2, 2023. Feel free to browse the pages, and please send feedback/questions to

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Energy Pathways

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